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Overview of Labor Cost in Bangladesh


Although the labor cost in Bangladesh is generally in the low level, but it is still increasing. According to the research of Statistical Office, the salary increases 18.9% compared with the last year. No matter the city area or country area, the price level has increased because of the increasing of salaries. The followings are the salary examples of different occupations in Dhaka.


Occupations                                                             monthly salary (BDT)

Workers                                                                     3,260  

Engineers                                                                 12,104

Middle managers                                                     26,102

Store staff of apparel                                               3,000~6,000

Staff of non-manufacturing industry                         23,000

Store staff of restaurant                                            2,000~12,000

Managers of non-manufacturing industry               66,250


The allowances in Bangladesh include house rent allowance, conveyance allowance and medical allowance. The three allowances are tax-deductible and it is always paid at the upper limit of tax-deductible. Except the three allowances, if the basic salary below 200,000Tk is also tax deductible. For the females and elder people, the limit is 250,000Tk.


【Our Payroll Services in Bangladesh】


In the management of a corporation, the most important is the cost down. It is possible to reduce the cost of corporations using our payroll services. The costs reduced include the following costs.


①   The labor cost of human resources

②   The labor cost of system managers

③   The response to reviews of laws and regulations related to labor

④   The employment and training of capable persons who will be the successors

⑤   To increase staffs for the temporarily busy period


【The classifications of payroll services】


①   Payroll and a year-end tax adjustment

②   Management of human resource database

③   Human resource work


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